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Usui Reiki level 1  training with @thefranceshansom

27th August 2023, Level 1 – £160

Dive into the amazing, graceful and elegant healing system of Reiki and learn a practice that will help with spiritual and personal development on a multitude of levels. These classes are kept small to ensure plenty of 1:1 teaching time whilst learning and practicing with your fellow students.

On this one day course, the foundation is laid for students to become aquainted with the unique practice of Reiki and explore their energy fields, and learn how to do self-healing treatments. Using a mixture of meditations and empowerments, Frances leads her students through practical and engaging practices to make the use of Reiki accessible and easy.

“Teaching Reiki is such a passion of mine because it was originally designed to be a simple and elegant practice that allowed people to self-heal and seek balance in their lives. My favourite part of the day is seeing the look of people’s faces when they start to feel or experience energy moving and they realise that the whole universe is much more than just the material things that we perceive in front of us.

There really is something magical about sharing this knowledge with others and empowering them with a powerful form of healing that they can use at any time to create balance and calm within themselves.

Roots of Respect is the perfect place to run this training because the whole atmosphere generates calm and being in such a beautiful space makes the entire day even better.”

Please contact @thefranceshansom directly to book your place.