The Nail Retreat

Our new full time resident is The Nail Retreat. In line with our ethos of wellbeing and sustainability, The Nail Retreat use environmentally friendly, ethical products and are passionate about your nail, hand and foot health as well as making them look great.

Why choose The Nail Retreat?

We use quality products that are healthy and ethical:

BIO SCULPTURE has accrued a renowned reputation for their commitment to education and professionalism. Their gel is vegan, cruelty free and contains no dehydrators, primers or bonders and is tailored to your nail type and designed to improve your nail health. 

We are experts in nails and nail health:

With 28 years in the nail industry and a nail educator, you are in safe hands. Our passion is making your nails look great, but not at the expense of the health of your nails. 

We focus on the longevity of your treatment so you don’t need to visit as often:

We focus on creating strong, durable and natural looking nails. Our gel manicures can last 3+ weeks, chip free, which saves you time, effort and money.

You can have your nails done at the same time as your hair appointment:

We work in collaboration with vegan hair salon Masters of Craft, and can coordinate your appointment around your hair appointment for the ultimate in a self care retreat!

The Nail Retreat team are busy working on launching the booking system and open at the beginning of October.

About Danyelle

I’ve had 28 years in the nail industry, mainly using a liquid and powder system but felt I wanted to change the way I did nails by using a product that not only enhanced the natural nails appearance, but also maintained it’s health and integrity. 

Bio Sculpture offer just that. I love that they have a treatment range called Ethos that can be used alongside your gel manicure to promote health and growth of the natural nail. The Bio Sculpture range has many base gel options, so I can offer a prescriptive gel manicure which is tailored to the clients nail type and is designed to improve nail health.

I’m wanting to promote hand and foot health, so alongside Bio Sculpture I’m using Elim MediHeel and MediHand for pedicure and manicure treatments. These are medical grade treatments for client who want to have natural, healthy hands and feet, and maybe don’t want or can’t wear gel enhancements . This is perfect also for the gentlemen out there who want to take care of their nails.

All of the treatments I offer, whether it’s a gel manicure or a classic manicure, is designed to make your nails healthy and happy.