Hire Our Therapy Rooms

We have 3 beautiful therapy rooms;
each with its own personality.

We now have two of our three therapy rooms available for full-time, part-time or our new subscription based hourly renting.

The Therapist Subscription

We understand how tricky it is being a therapist, juggling room hire commitments and clients. So we decided to rethink the therapist typical hourly based rental approach and offer you a subscription.

You get flexibility on when you book our therapy rooms, with the price and support you only usually get when you’re tied into a longer term commitment. Think of it as buying monthly credits you can use across our therapy rooms.

Not only is the pricing easier to work with in your growing therapy business, but you benefit from feeling part of our Roots of Respect Wellbeing team, and your services are featured on our website with your own dedicated page!

Our prices for subscription include the hourly rate for the room and a fee for any customer support given by the Masters of Craft reception, being featured on our website, socials and newsletter.

If you don’t need this ‘RoR Community’ support and just require room hire we can agree a suitable price bespoke to you.


6 session block booking£16.50
10 hour subscription (£11.50/hr plus support*)£165
20 hour subscription (£10/hr plus support*)£250
Full time rental: Room 1 with sink (water heating additional)£650
Full time rental: Room 2 best for massage£550
Part time rental: Room 3 £250

Extra support we offer

We can provide professional support services to help your business grow through our trusted suppliers and processes.

  • Logo, branding and marketing materials
  • Tailored Business support

We can discuss these amazing packages and the potential they offer your business.

How to join our therapist community

  • Get in touch with us outlining what type of rental you are looking for full time, part time or subscription, and we’ll take it from there!