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  • Creativity – why it’s so good for you!

    Let’s talk about CREATIVITY. Because it’s in our top 3 for living a conscious and happy life and it’s one of our 3 foundations in the Roots of Respect mission.

    Your creative side see’s things differently to your regular day to day brain. But this side started being repressed when you were a child, until gradually, the seriousness of life had stolen really quite a lot of the space and life didn’t look quite so magical and exciting.

    As adults, its really important to connect with our creative selves and carve out time regularly, even if we don’t consider ourselves creative. But why?

    If we allow ourselves time for self expression, we reinforce our own individuality and in turn it improves our confidence. 

    Creativity requires taking risks which with it comes vulnerability, because failure is all too possible. Once we see failure as something that is survivable, or maybe even an opportunity for growth we can release the fear and try new things even at the risk of failing.

    It helps us to become better problem solvers and approach situations from all angles, meaning our linear, logical approach – which can leave us feeling quite stale – takes a back seat more regularly.

    Getting in a flow state turns the volume right down on the chattiness in our heads. Thinking and engaging in creative activities produces a similar effect on our brains as meditation does, which helps reduce stress and anxiety and lasting mental and emotional pain.

    So there you have it! It’s pretty important right?

    It’s because of this that Roots of Respect aims to bring a bit more creativity to peoples lives and we’re working hard on doing so. Watch this space. 

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    In the meantime though, allow yourself time to daydream…. who knows what may happen!